Bryce Newbury’s Portfolio


Colors in Motion

Colors in Motion Game

Colors in Motion is an action-puzzle game I made with a fellow student as a final project for a game design class. We worked together to design the puzzle-action gameplay that I then implemented in GameMaker Studio.

After several revisions we nailed down the core mechanics of manipulating blocks into goals, so to further improve the game we added a story and puzzle progression mechanics to keep the player motivated. We had a very limited time to both design and develop the game so it is a bit rough around the edges, but the players still enjoyed the core gameplay so I count it a success.

Download and play it.

A Leaf on The Water

A Leaf on The Water Game

A small experimental game created as a project for a game design class. I wanted to recreate the contemplative feeling of watching a river and seeing a loan leaf float by. So I created a slow endless runner that is focused on planning ahead and understanding the mechanics instead of twitchy action.

Play it in the browser.


Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group

Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group

Working directly with a local celiac support group, I built a website for their organization. I designed and implemented a flexible CSS layout that is adapts to both phone and desktop web browsers. To help them update the site, I wrote a simple content management system using Ruby on Rails. The site was well received and I occasionally work with the organization to make small additions to the site.

Visit the website.

SAP’S Auto Detailing & Pressure Washing Services

SAP’S Auto Website

I collaborated with the owner of a local auto detailing company to design and build an ecommerce site for their business. The company had no online presence when they first contacted me, so I helped get their business listed on sites such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp to increase their discoverability. After building the site using a static site generator, I continued helping the business periticialy update their website and social presence.

Visit the website.


Photo Gallery

Bryce Newbury’s Photo Gallery

I am an avid photographer and have many photographs I am proud of, several of which have won ribbons at the Santa Cruz County Fair.

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Objective Reality

Objective Reality Photo Book

As the final for a photography class I created a photo book. After taking the photographs and processing them with Adobe Photoshop, I assembled the photos into an exploration of the details that make up the world around us.

See a complete preview of the photo book.